Training and Research Project

EU law training in English language: blended and integrated content and language training for European notaries and judges

Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, 03 September 2018 - 02 September 2020

Logo of the Project

The logo of the project incorporates all the essential elements of the project EULawInEN. 

The first element is the balance that symbolizes the law, which is line with the yellow stars recalling the European Union, as both the funding partner and the aim of the action that is to contribute to a more coherent and harmonized interpretation and application of EU Law. 

The background is blue and red, which in turn resembles the UK flag, thus recalling the English language, which constitutes the means and tool for the delivery of scientific contentís training and learning tools.
The different levels of blue behind the balance indicate the progressive stages of training the trainees will undergo once they become trainers themselves, thus replicating the training model and the applied C.L.I.L. didactic methodology in three countries in Europe.