Training and Research Project

EU law training in English language: blended and integrated content and language training for European notaries and judges

Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, 03 September 2018 - 02 September 2020


The e-learning activities are organized around an e-learning course of 20h, a 2h learning serious game and sit-coms for training at distance. 

The e-learning course will be published on a MOOC platform, together with the e-learning serious game and sit-coms that will also be distributed to selected trainees and disseminated through the partners channels and networks. 
The e-learning serious game is one of the main deliverables of the project and will comprise different steps on gaming to reach the intended knowledge. 
The sit-coms will provide interactive scenarios with simulation of practicle cases.

This will be done with the support of experienced suppliers dedicated to developing the technical part of the game and supporting the more scientific content which will be delivered by selected experts in the field.

Soon to be produced.