Training and Research Project

EU law training in English language: blended and integrated content and language training for European notaries and judges

Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, 03 September 2018 - 02 September 2020


The e-learning activities were organized around an e-learning course, three sit-coms for training at distance and an e-learning serious game. In the end, three sit-coms were produced instead at no additional costs. Moreover, 490 users of e-learning products (beyond 300 views initially planned) were registered at the end of the project and they continue to grow. 29.940 professionals (instead of initially estimated 10.000) already benefitted of facilitated access to the Project training package, both in presence and at distance.
All the e-learning products are in English language adopting the Content and Language Integrated Learning (C.L.I.L.) methodology and they deal with cases and issues related to the application of the EU Regulations 650/2012; 1103/2016 and 1104/2016.  
They are all available for free on the MOOC Platform "EMMA”Please watch the video tutorial and read the instructions to access the platform. 
The e-learning course is comprised of 18 e-learning video lessons (20h in total) with downloadable slides, a bibliography, a final test and an English Glossary. Please download the related programme.
The e-learning serious game is one of the main deliverables of the project and it comprises different steps on gaming to reach the intended knowledge and it is aimed at testing, in an interactive and playful manner, the knowledge acquired after attending the training seminars (and possibly also watching the e-learning course).
The three sit-coms provide interactive scenarios with the simulation of practical cases which address real-life situations as to offer an overview of possible cases that are most common in all subjects under consideration and they require the interaction of the player to solve the cases in the best possible manner according to applied EU law.
This has been done with the support of experienced suppliers dedicated to developing the technical part of the game and supporting the more scientific content which have been delivered by selected experts in the field. 

The content of the EULAWINEN e-learning products represents the views of the authors only and it is their sole responsibility. The European Commission does not accept any responsibility for use that may be made of the information they contain.