Training and Research Project

Integration, migration, transnational relationships. Governing inheritance statutes after the entry into force of EU succession regulations

France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, 01 October 2018 - 30 September 2020


The General Objective of the action is to contribute to a coherent application of Family & Successions Regulations through analytical and capacity building activities targeting legal practitioners.

The Specific Objectives of the action are:

1. Contribute to the reduction of social conflicts promoting an analysis of the impact of Migration to EU Family & Successions Law regarding:
(i) marriage laws stemming from other cultural traditions;
(ii) alien contractual schemes on Family Property;
(iii) discrimination connected to different degrees of recognition of family models;
(iv) non-judicial family break-ups;
(v) protection of weaker parties in family break-ups;
(vi) reconciling European Laws with religious dimensions of family in other cultural traditions.

2. Capacitate legal practitioners to handle issues linked to Migration to promote integration.

Planned activities:

(i) publication of peer-reviewed scientific papers and practical guidelines;
(ii) development of training content for sessions in presence and e-learning course on MOOC platform;
(iii) M&E and dissemination.

Partners: University of Florence, Italian Foundation of Notaries, Italian Association of Family Lawyers, De Gasperi Foundation, CNRS, Universities of Budapest, Valencia and Coimbra.

Target groups:

Direct beneficiaries: Notaries (40%), lawyers (30%), judges (10%), public officers (10%), academics (10%).
Indirect beneficiaries: EU citizens. In 2015, migrants to EU Member States were 4.7 million.

Expected results:

(i) uniform application of EU law;
(ii) professionals much more trained to handle family & successions issues connected to Migration;
(iii) avoiding discrimination;
(iv) reduction of social conflicts.


(i) Questionnaire and Assessment Report;
(ii) e-learning course;
(ii) a book, scientific papers and practical guidelines;
(iii) 2 seminars, 2 conferences;
(iv) project website;
(v) updated database;
(vi) evaluation reports;
(vii) EC reports.
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