Training and Research Project

Integration, migration, transnational relationships. Governing inheritance statutes after the entry into force of EU succession regulations

France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, 01 October 2018 - 30 September 2020

Database - Case Studies


Welcome to the GoInEU Plus database, with specific reference to the Successions Regulation (Reg. 650/2012),the new Regulations on Matrimonial Property Regimes (Reg. 1103/2016) and Property Consequences of Registered Partnership (Reg. 1104/2016); based on the experiences of the EU projects "Governing Inheritance Statutes after the Entry into Force of EU Succession Regulation -GoInEU"and "Towards the Entry into Force of the Succession Regulation: Building Future Uniformity upon Past Divergencies"
Please, read the following instructions on how to profit of the database

1) Choice of the format 
It is user-friendly as it allows to filter needed information. Moreover, it can be accessed by any PC and further integrated, as required, in order to update case law. 
2) CASE LAW                                                                                
Under this section a list of decisions stored in the database can be found. Filters can be used for the search, considering the arrows on the top of the Columns. A specific year and country can be selected. Multiple filters can also be used.

All decisions have a headnote translated in English. If you click on the headnote you will be redirected to the sheet of the individual decision. Where available you will be able to read the full text of the decision in its original language.
The decisions included in red characters constitute an update to the database, undertaken by the GoInEU Project, co-funded by DG Justice and Consumers of the EU and in green by the GoInEU Plus Project. Links to decisions stored in relevant official internet pages (double links) have also been provided where applicable. 
This shows an important synergy with a past EU funded project and the effective use of its results at the advantage of the new Project, offering sustainability to EC funding and intervention.
3) LEGISLATION                                                                                
A list of most relevant conflict of law rules is provided too. Filters allow to select countries and by clicking on the name of the legislative act, access is provided to the English version (not necessarily official) of the relevant provision.     

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Please download below the list of selected case studies.

Please find below the Agenda of the workshop on case law database and e-learning course on MOOC platform to be held online on 14 September 2020.