Training and Research Project

Integration, migration, transnational relationships. Governing inheritance statutes after the entry into force of EU succession regulations

France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, 01 October 2018 - 30 September 2020

E-learning course

The e-learning activities were organized around an e-learning course and two sit-coms for training at distance.

The course "Family and Successions Law issues" deals with cases and issues related to the application of the EU Regulation650/2012 on Succession, the EU Regulations No.1103/2016 on Matrimonial Property Regimes and No.1104/2016 on Partnership Registered, with a specific focus on Migration:
(i) marriage laws stemming from other cultural traditions;
(ii) alien contractual schemes on Family Property;
(iii) discrimination connected to different degrees of recognition of family models;
(iv) non-judicial family break-ups;
(v) protection of weaker parties in family break-ups;
(vi) reconciling European Laws with religious dimensions of family in other cultural tradition;
(vii) family law in Eu Succession regulation;
(viii) definitions of habitual residence.

The course aims at contributing to a uniform application of EU Regulation No. 650/2012 on successions, of EU Regulations No. 1103 and 1104/2016 on Family Law through the presentation of practical cases.
                                                E-learning course programme in original language
                                                E-learning course programme in English

Please find below the glossary of the e-learning course


The sit-coms aim to test, through an interactive mode, the knowledge acquired during the e-learning course. The sit-coms deal with cases relating to the application of Regulation 650/2012 and aim to contribute to the uniform application of Regulation 650/2012 through the presentation of practical cases.
All e-learning products are available for free on the "EMMA" MOOC platform.
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Please find below the Agenda of the workshop on case law database and e-learning course on MOOC platform to be held online on 14 September 2020.